CBD facts affecting Health

If you ask a number of smokers about their favorite strain, you may get a number of different answers. Some may want their high to be buzzy while others want it mellow; some like to feel it in their head while others in the body. A lot of factors come into play when it comes to personal preferences about enjoying cannabis. However, there are some factors outside personal affecting your high. Today when the market has so many diverse products from concentrates and CBD Edibles to pills and oils, it is important to learn about how you can get the experience you desire.

Understanding the conditions affecting your high is important as it can help you achieve better experiences with various strains and narrow down what works best for you.

Here are the most common factors that affect your marijuana high.


The environment you choose plays a vital role in deciding the effect of cannabis and it should be taken seriously. Smoking the same strain on two different days can bring different experiences. As different conditions affect your high, it is essential to consider your comfort level before trying anything. You may know that the time before bed is the best for you to get high or that getting high before entering a crowdy room gets you anxious. You can easily figure out what settings and surroundings work best for you and prepare to enjoy the best cannabis high.


Finding the right dose is often tricky, particularly when you opt for CBD Edibles or some new strain. It is not like taking out a ready made CBD Pre-Roll and consume it. It is important to start slow and keep patience. Dosing is, in fact, the most important factor that affects your high. Too little may not give you the feel you wanted and too much may disturb you. Hitting the right spot and knowing what your right spot is can make a whole lot of difference when enjoying cannabis products.

Delivery Method

Eating CBD Edibles, smoking and vaping cannabis in different forms are some of the ways to consume cannabis but all these delivery methods have their own variables. Hitting a vape and eating a brownie, affect you in different ways. Your body is meant to process cannabis from different delivery methods differently and the quantity you ingest also differs between any two methods. The duration of high with CBD Edibles is quite longer and effects are often stronger as compared to other methods of cannabis delivery.


No two people in the world are alike and this applies to cannabis tolerance as well. The tolerance of a person depends on the age and other factors like body chemistry, frequency of consumption and how long one has been smoking. It is really important to know one’s tolerance so as to be able to decide how little or how much you can consume. This is more important when you want to consume with others with different tolerances.

Only you can identify your tolerance and help yourself get the cannabis high you want – whether it is enjoyment, medical benefits, pain relief or something else. Click Here to know more about CBD products from America’s Best CBD Marketplace.

Highlights of the Interview with the CEO of CannaOne Technologies

Cannabis is no longer new. Cannabis prohibition and the issues related to the legalization of medical and recreational use of marijuana are old for consumers as well as investors. However, it is still one of the emerging industries. This implies that the companies should not just try and meet the demands of the current market but also prepare for the evolving conditions of the industry in the future. This applies more than anything else to the cannabis technology.

However, there is a company that strongly thinks it has the right strategy and technology to meet the demands of the market for the present and the future is CannaOne Technologies Inc. that provides an innovative B2C platform for the cannabis industry.

In an interview with the company’s management team, CEO of CannaOne Technologies, Solomon Riby-Williams stressed two factors – forward thinking and flexibility. To help cannabis investors learn about the company’s vision, Solomon discussed the lifetime value of cannabis consumer as being the highest of all. He said the platform they developed focuses on capturing the information about cannabis consumer to serve them in the best possible way.

The cannabis market has features similar to luxury goods with high margins and demands. This means the cannabis industry represents huge stream of lifetime revenue like tobacco and alcohol. Moreover, unlike tobacco and alcohol, cannabis is not just benign but also offers numerous health benefits. This also means that recreational users of cannabis would live longer than tobacco and alcohol consumers.

With a focus on this factor, CannaOne is ready to enter the market and is confident enough to serve the future market with changing needs. Second is the user-acquisition costs which the company believes would soar in the coming future in this industry. Through this tool, the company offers a unique combination of cannabis products and technology in one to give consumers the highest level of satisfaction they could expect.