Why Arizer Air 2 is the Perfect Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Vaporizers are rapidly becoming the most popular way to enjoy dry herb on the market. While bongs, pipes, and joints are still the standard way to enjoy herb, more and more people are coming over to the side of vaporizers. Vapes use electronic heating systems to take advantage of the boiling points of the various cannabinoids and active ingredients present within herb. This results in a thick, tasty vapor that is totally free of any of the toxins, tars, and carcinogens released by combustion.

Clearly dry herb is ideal for those who are especially health-conscious, but some people have other priorities, what’s in vapes for them? Well, here’s something that every herb fan will want to listen to; dry herb vaporizers waste less herb.

Combustion is the most common method of enjoying herb, but it is also the most wasteful; you’d be shocked to find how much of your precious herb literally goes up in smoke! Dry herb vapes solve this problem by ensuring that not one ounce of your herb goes to waste. Their electronic heating systems heat the surface area of your herb, lifting out the active ingredients. This means that all of your herb is used in each session, none of it is used as fuel! On top of this vaporization is much gentler, so far more of your herb’s cannabinoids are released for you to enjoy.

The Portable vape market is one of the most vibrant and dynamic markets in the entire herb scene. It seems like nearly every other day that a new product is released, and it seems that every other week that a new benchmark is set by a brand new market leader! All this progress can be dizzying and intimidating to the uninitiated, how do you know if you’re making the best possible purchase? One of the best things you can possibly do is find a good name with a proven track record and keep an eye on their latest innovations. One such name is Arizer.


Arizer have established themselves as one of the finest vape manufacturers on the market. Their vapes are renowned for their sleek, discreet design and their powerful heating systems. They have established their name in the world of portable vaporizers with fantastic piece like the Air and the Solo, and they dominate the world of desktop vaporizers with the Arizer V-Tower. Whatever model it is, you can clearly see the level of quality in each unit, and you can be sure that each will produce vapor of the very highest quality.

Arizer are going from strength to strength and it’s little surprise that their newest flagship vape, the Arizer Air II, may be the finest vaporizer they have created yet, and it may just be the best vaporizer on the market today!

The Arizer Air II

It’s little surprise that the Arizer Air II is one of the best portable vapes on the market, thanks to this amazing level of quality it’s currently dominating the vape scene!

The Air II has all of the very best features from its precursor, the Air. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is a mere rehash, Arizer have perfected the design. The Air comes with a scientific-grade borosilicate glass air path. Borosilicate glass is a special type of glass that is created by adding boron during the manufacturing process. The boron means the glass becomes resistant to thermal shock and the risk of stress fractures, so you can enjoy all the flavour you get with glass without having to worry about a sudden change in temperature ruining your hit.

The Arizer Air II features a removable and swappable battery. This ideal for those who like to enjoy their herb when they’re away from home. Compared to the battery in the Air, the Air II’s battery power has been increased by half over previous iterations so you can enjoy up to 75 minutes of uninterrupted vaping. Your vape experience won’t be interrupted buy recharge times; the Air II features innovative charge through use so not even a flat battery will interrupt your session.

The vapor produced from the Arizer Air II is truly amazing. It uses an impressively potent heating system that will allow you to take as many draws as you want all while delivering amazing flavor! WIth the Air II you can be sure that you will always get the most out of your hits. The Air II comes equipped with an innovative heat jet that increases the airflow in the vape’s oven. Every single hit you take will have the same full, tasty flavour that you should expect from a quality convection vaporizer.

When it comes to using the Airzer Air II you can be sure that you’ll have a straightforward vape experience. The Air II works off of a simple-straight forward three button control system and compact LCD display. It is the ideal vaporizer to take with you when you’re out and about. Best of all the robust casing and solid construction means that you can be sure that it will stand up to the rigors of life and keep going.

Keeping your Air II packed when you’re out and about is simple thanks to the handy pre-loadable tubes that will allow you to keep your session going without having to fiddle around with your dry herb.

The Arizer Air II is the perfect example of a vaporizer that offers great quality vapor as well as remaining robust and user friendly. If you’re unsure about what type of vaporizer you should look at, then the Arizer Air II is the best place to start.

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