Setback in State’s Quest to Steal Grandmother’s Home Because Her Son Sold Pot

Elizabeth Young is a 72-year-old widow and former Amtrak employee who lived in a modest brick row house in West Philadelphia beginning in the 1970s. She lived there until 2013, when the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania took it. You should know Elizabeth Young has not been accused of a crime by the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Allegations of committing a crime is the usual precursor to conviction of a…

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Jeff Sessions Can’t Go After Medical Marijuana Now

We’ve explained many times that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is no friend of marijuana. He’s been looking to ramp up the War on Drugs lately, but it looks like he won’t be able to go after medical marijuana. That’s because the spending bill that just passed the House and the Senate doesn’t allow the Department of Justice to use any money it gets to go after medical marijuana in states that have legalized it. “Congress appears to be growing increasingly comfortable with states adopting …

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Marijuana for Autism, Legalizing in Philadelphia and More Marijuana News

Today we scanned the marijuana news world and found the most interesting things that people should know about. Here we will summarize what’s going on, so you can get back to dabbing or whatever you’re doing. Enjoy. Credit: A clinical trial to look at how medical marijuana can help kids with autism In the USA Today, there’s an article about the first clinical trial in the world to look at the benefits of medical marijuana for kids and younger adults with autism. The researchers…

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