Trust government to screw up marijuana business

Am I the only reader who finds the article, “Pot vendors to get training” (July 10), humorous, to say the least, and predictably frustrating?

As a baby boomer raised in the 1960s (along with many of your dwindling number of readers), I find myself reading and laughing. Your article has so many great one liners such as a "growing national industry that grapples with evolving science" or “If you are going to be dispensing … let’s make sure your staff is trained.” Then there’s this one: “the focus will be on safety, security and record keeping.” This reads like copy from the old “Mad” magazine, yes?

Surely, our government will make such a complex event out of it and, as I read, there will be a 30-hour course (with certification) offered from between $450 and $750. Wow, imagine a course — with credits.

Looking back some decades ago, I, at least at one time, truly hoped that pot would be legalized, but what I'm reading just ain't that future picture. My dispensing agent at that time wasn't really "trained," yet safety, security and record keeping were on scale (Get it?) with the best. As far as a growing industry, that it was indeed. Please include your name and contact information.

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